Technical Sheets
Below are a series of technical data sheets detailing the complete Cambridge Range of food processing equipment. Just click on the item you require information about and a PDF will open into your browser, this can be saved to your hard disk or printed out on any printer.

View the PDF files with Acrobat Reader. If it's not installed on your computer you can download the reader for free from - Click here to get Acrobat Reader.
Product Range - BCAM012-AB.PDF (446kb/64 sec)
Frying Systems - BCAM001 -AB.PDF (382kb/55 sec)
Chocolate and Fondant Kettles - BCAM002-AB.PDF (259kb/37 sec)
Manual Dip Coaters- BCAM003-AB.PDF (271kb/39 sec)
Chocolate and Fondant Pumps - BCAM004-AB.PDF (196kb/28 sec)
Automatic Satay & Kebab Skewering Machine - BCAM005-AB.PDF
(274kb/40 sec)
Forced Convection Cooling Tunnels - BCAM006-AB.PDF (216kb/31 sec)
Slide Vane Chocolate Pumps- BCAM007-AB.PDF (158kb/23 sec)
Batter Enrobers - BCAM008-AB.PDF (270kb/39 sec)
Batter Mixing - BCAM009-AB.PDF (276kb/40 sec)
Crumb Enrobers - BCAM010-AB.PDF (304kb/44 sec)
Fryer Application Specification Sheet - BCAM011-A.PDF (70kb/10 sec)
Cast Iron Cold Tables - BCAM013-AB.PDF (195kb/28 sec)
Speciality Cake Cutting - BCAM014-AB.PDF (340kb/38 sec)
Fixed Blade Cutters - BCAM015-AB.PDF (326kb/47 sec)
Inline Filter Unit - BCAM016-A.PDF (92kb/14 sec)
Immersed Piston Depositor - BCAM017-AB.PDF (272kb/39 sec)
Cooking Oil Filter Systems - BCAM018-AB.PDF (355kb/51 sec)
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