About Baynflax: An Overview
Baynflax Buildings.
Baynflax has been established in the design and manufacture of food processing equipment for over 25 years. Our main role in the food industry is automation of food processing and continuing improvement in output, quality and profitability.

To this end, we have developed a comprehensive range of food processing equipment to include depositors, sauce pumps, meal make-up lines, sandwich tracks, cake cutting & decoration plants and a full range of pie and flan machinery. Supplying the Fish, Meat and Poultry Industries together with the Snack Food Industry, the Cake & Biscuit Industries and the Chocolate & Confectionery Industries.

The policy of Baynflax is to strive for continuous improvement in all its business activities. To accurately identify the customer's needs in terms of quality, service and value, and fulfil these needs completely.
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